Delhi Sustainable Development Summit

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Biodiversity Conservation for Common Goods

The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) reaffirms the sovereign rights of the states over their biological resources with three well defined objectives in form of conservation of biological diversity,the sustainable use of its components and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising out of the utilization of genetic resources.

Food Security

India, a country of 1.2 billion people is one of the world’s fastest growing economies with 8% annual growth over the decade.

Forests and Wildlife

Twenty years since Rio, we are still working towards a workable management of the global commons. Forests were an inherent part of both the biodiversity and climate change conventions adopted at Rio in 1992.

Global Agreements and Governance

Over the last four decades or so, several agreements have been signed to deal with environmental issues. As a matter of fact, there is not even unanimity on the number of multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) that exist today as varying methodologies led to different numbers.


Global natural resource commons include global fossil fuel supplies; the global climate and ocean and the “services” they provide to humanity; and air and water quality at large geographical scales and are being threatened with degradation as a result of collective human activity.

Poverty and Deprivation

Twenty years since Rio, we are still struggling to develop a world with equitable and sustainable energy access utilizing the global commons.

Role of Science and Technology in Protecting Global Commons

Science and technology can play a dual role towards protecting the global commons, which refer to natural resources that are un-owned by either one person or state, may cross national boundaries and in which altercations can have global impacts and implications.

The Atmosphere – Protecting The Global Common

Atmosphere refers to a layer that surrounds the Earth and consists of mixture of gases having a total mass of about 5.10 x 1018kg.

Role of Youth in Protecting Global Commons

A lot is being said about the global commons especially in the wake of the forthcoming International conference, Rio + 20 scheduled at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on June 4-6, 2012.