The Global Challenge of Resource Efficient 
and Low Carbon Development
left Thematic Tracks 2013
Slated to be introduced at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2013, the Parallel Thematic Tracks in addition to the plenaries will allow for discussions of considerable depth and detail on select topics/themes. Populated by area experts and key actors, these tracks aim to be constructive exercises in providing feasible solutions to many critical challenges facing the global community.
Title Partners Date/Time Venue Concept note
Making Individual Mobility Low Carbon and Sustainable BMW 1 February (1130-1330) Shahjahan With rapid growth of urban areas, the demand for mobility is expected to grow manifold. If the current trends continue, a large part of urban mobility demand will be met by individual modes of transport...Read More
Low Carbon Sustainable Mobility for All BMW 1 February (1615-1745) Mumtaz Urban transport situation in many developing countries including India is heading towards a crisis. Lack of mobility options for a significant part of the population living in the cities raises the issues...Read More
Global Trends in Sustainable Production And Consumption with A Special Focus on Edible Oils Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), World Wildlife Fund (WWF), The Consumer Good Forum (CGF) 1 February (1130-1300) Jehangir The major challenges facing this sector are to seek sustainability along the entire supply chain “from farm to fork” which can be achieved by way of creating sustainable and strong alliances of farmers...Read More
Learning from Green Growth Initiatives in Asia Climate Development and Knowledge Network (CDKN) 1 February (1130-1300) Shahjahan The Asia Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS) Partnership will host a session on innovative initiatives that enable green growth. At this market-place style session, participants will interact with representatives from a number...Read More
Mindset of Green Growth Danish Cultural Institute (DCI) 1 February (1615-1745) Jehangir The change of mindset and behavior at all levels are essential in order to build resource-effiency and green growth. The session will address different approaches and angles...Read More
Thematic Consultation On Energy : Post-2015 Development Agenda and the Energy Future We Want for All TERI, Norway, SE4ALL, UN-Energy, UNIDO, UNDESA, UNDP, World Bank 1 February (1130-1300) Mumtaz The consultation aims to facilitate an open dialogue with stakeholders on how energy may be appropriately integrated into a post-2015 global development agenda...Read More
Governance and Management Challenges in Water Use Efficiency United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) 1 February (1615-1745) Sheesh Mahal More than 700 million people in 43 countries in the world presently live in water stressed conditions. The Water resource endowment...Read More
Reducing Inequalities: A Sustainable Development Challenge Agence francaise de developpement (AFD), The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and IDDRI 2 February (11:45 - 13:15) Mumtaz Already a key component of sustainable development policies, the alleviation of inequalities within and between countries also stands as a policy goal, and deserves to take center stage of the...Read More
Improving long-distance passenger transport systems: Introducing High Speed Rail in India Institute for Transport Policy Studies (ITPS) 2 February (11:45 - 13:15) Jehangir Rapid economic growth and urbanization has led to an explosive increase in the demand for long-distance mobility in India. The current passenger transport systems for long-distance transport will not be able...Read More