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Dignitaries at the Inaugural Session of World CEO Sustainability Summit 2013
Dignitaries at the Inaugural Session of World CEO Sustainability Summit 2013

Dr R K Pachauri welcomed the guests while emphasizing on the co-benefits that sustainability, especially accounting of water use, can bring to business entities. Mr Peter Bakker presented some key trends that have been observed in sustainability emerging as a key factor for business. He noted that although the concept has been discussed and debated for more than two decades now, there is a lot more that could be done. He also remarked on the importance of individual companies and sectoral and cross-sectoral approaches t o pr omo t e sus t a ina bi l i t y within business.

Providing a policy perspective on the issue, Mr Arun Maira stressed on the lack of trust between key stakeholders, such as people, governments, and business institutions. The solution as proposed by him was to address the “triangle of trust” that has all the three aforementioned entities on its vertices. He laid specific emphasis on the need to shift the complete business sustainability paradigm from “Corporate Social Responsibility” to “Responsible Business”. He noted a proactive role of the Planning Commission in leading this paradigm from “Death of CSR to Bi r th of Business Responsibility”.

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10th World CEO Sustainability Summit- 30 January 2013

Resource Revolution – A Global Imperative and How Business Can Shape It

With resource landscape likely to evolve unevenly in the coming decades, creating a wide variety of opportunities and threats for companies, sectors, countries and region; the overarching theme of the 10th WCSS 2013 will be “Resource Revolution – A global imperative and how Business can shape it”. The discussions will highlight the scope and complexity of the changes on the horizon including the risks posed by dwindling resource availability and how the public and private sectors can respond. It will witness participation from over 300 delegates consisting of CEOs, CSOs, heads of multi/bi-lateral organisation and senior government representatives from across the globe.

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