Business Day

Business Day has been a prominent feature of every Summit since its inception and is positioned as an exclusive session for industry captains to brainstorm ideas for 'conducting business while protecting the environment'. The last edition of WSDS 2016, saw participation of over 21 business leaders along with senior government officials, and CEOs. The Business Day helps address the issues of how businesses can meet challenges, create opportunities, and take the lead in the climate discourse.

Tackling climate change is an inclusive, multi-stakeholder process, and the active participation of the corporate sector is essential. Business Day discussions lay great emphasis on enhancing the existing; as well as creating new initiatives to maximize the impact and contribution of industry in the field of sustainability significantly. Business Day 2018 proceedings will acquire greater significance in light of the following developments:

  • India’s increased participation in the climate negotiations as world’s largest democracy;
  • The frequency and intensity of climatic events affecting economies across the globe and,
  • As India stands poised to overtake other countries as far as production and consumption is concerned.