Exhibition Greenovation 2018
The three-day "Greenovation" as a part of WSDS, invites leading domestic and global companies to exhibit their latest technologies and innovations to meet the goals of sustainable development.

The Exhibition plans to address and emphasise the glaring need for access to clean and affordable solutions and seek public-private partnerships in eco-friendly technologies leading to sustainable development.

Why Exhibit ?

  • A global platform for the exhibitors to demonstrate the best of technologies, ideas, and solutions in energy efficiency, waste management, sustainable transport, water conservation sectors and other related fields.  
  • Forum to interact with business leaders, industry experts, policy makers, innovators, and other important stake holders in the sustainable development field.
  • Diverse mix of exhibitors and visitors from the clean tech industry will allow both exhibitors and participants to gather a comprehensive overview of the market and its trends.
  • Equip the clean tech industry and its developers with the necessary partnerships to expand and develop new innovative solutions.

Exhibition Layout

Legend:-Charminar Area: 1-33 Stall (Size each 3m x 3m)

*Bookings of stalls are subject to availability