Green Edge

Driven by the Agenda 2030 and the glaring need for access to clean and affordable solutions particularly in eco-friendly technologies, the Green Edge initiative being held as part of the World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS) will offer a single platform for leading domestic and global innovators to exhibit their latest innovations ~ technologies, products or services to help meet the challenges of sustainable global development.

The Green Edge initiative envisions engaging exclusively with clean-tech entrepreneurs.

Why Green Edge?

The Green Edge initiative aims to bring to the forefront innovations in the form of technologies, products or services that can be the solutions for some of our most pressing environmental needs. Aiming also, in the process to:

  • Foster entrepreneurship in the clean-tech space ultimately benefiting both the entrepreneur and the glocal communities;
  • Focus on ushering in a new generation of sustainable innovations and solutions and promoting them far and wide;
  • Form lasting relationships for entrepreneurs, professionals, industry leaders and investors to interact with one another.

The Green Edge Competition

The Initiative through a competitive process will select top 20 innovations who deem the most suitable to help counter some of the challenges faced in effective waste and water management.

Technologies, products, services that make it to the Green Edge will be selected by a jury comprising of senior government officials, academicians, entrepreneurs, industry experts & leaders and multilateral and bi-lateral representatives.

All chosen innovations will be compiled and printed in form of a Green Edge publication.

The publication will serve as a proficient referral for some of the most effective innovations which can be applied to effectively dispense with challenges of waste and water management in urban settlements.

An effective dissemination will ensure increased outreach and provide avenues for greater adoption and up-scaling of the innovation.

For more information, please contact: Ms Aarti Narain / Mr Hanish Bhatia
WSDS Secretariat, The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI)
Tel. +91 11 24682100 (ext: 2463)
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