Media Colloquium

TERI hosts Media Colloquiums on the sidelines of the World Sustainable Development Summit, which provides a platform for media professionals to further the sustainable development discourse to wider audiences, and provides an opportunity to the developing countries to gain perspectives and sensitize the media for the effective projection of sustainable development issues. These colloquiums provide narratives, expertise and best practices for impactful reportage and create impact to drive public policy for effective regulations, transparency and good governance. Sponsors of the Media Colloquium are invited to give presentations to the journalists where they also interact with each other. These colloquiums also promote onsite branding for the sponsors.

These Media Colloquiums help to build capacity of the journalists to consistently and effectively project sustainable development issues in their respective regions. It also enhances their working knowledge and interest in sustainable development, environmental governance, and climate action, and helps the journalists to engage with influential stakeholders across industries and sectors for enhancing reportage and understanding of globally- and locally-relevant issues.

In the long-term, these Media Colloquiums intend to build a cohort of informed and environmentally-conscious correspondents, especially in countries and regions that need to drive substantive progress in sustainable climate change action. By strengthening the engagement with national and international media, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) aims to advocate practical and innovative solutions for translating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the COP21 agreement objectives into action.

Last year, the World Sustainable Development Summit 2016, saw participation of 19 journalists, and six countries namely: Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Afghanistan, India and was made possible with support from the Asian Development Bank, the European Union, and the World Bank. Last year, two Media Colloquium Awards were also given to Mr. Kushagra Dixit, Senior Reporter, IANS, and Mr. Saidul Khan, Independent Journalist & Media Consultant. The awardees of the last two summits even got the opportunity to visit Cop21 in Paris, in 2015 and CoP22, in Marrakech in 2016.