TERI pays homage to Shri Pranab Mukherjee, the 13th President of India and recipient of the highest Indian civilian honour, the Bharat Ratan.

TERI had the distinct honour of hosting Shri Pranab Mukherjee at its annual flagship event in 2009 and 2016.

In his speeches on the occasion he underlined that the threat of climate change is real and immediate. It concerns the whole world as its ill-effects are all-pervasive. Developing economies are more vulnerable to climate change as these economies are closely tied to climate sensitive sectors like agriculture and forestry. As a developing country with shared concerns on climate vulnerability, India has a vital stake in an equitable and multi-lateral approach towards climate change. He called for a twin-tracked approach of limiting the rise of climate change while ensuring the existence of sufficient resources to meet future developmental requirements. This objective mandate the efficient use of earth’s resources.

The world, he opined, is facing challenges in all the three dimensions of sustainable development:
economic, social, and environmental. On the one hand, over a billion-and-a-quarter people are still living in poverty. On the other, patterns of unsustainable production and consumption are endangering our planet’s eco-systems. This threat presents an opportunity to work together. Global action built on partnerships is required to achieve sustainable economic and social progress, inclusive growth, and protection of the earth’s eco-systems. Both the Nationally Determined Contributions and the Sustainable Development Goals impel to look beyond national boundaries and act in solidarity rather than in silos. Collective action, indeed, is necessary to address the shared concerns of our world.

Congratulating TERI and the Summit platform he said, the Institute has been consistent in its endeavour to find solutions and create new knowledge on issues relating to environment, climate, resources, and sustainable development. Through this World Sustainable Development Summit, TERI is seeking to provide a unique platform to experts, administrators, policymakers, and others from round the globe, determined to protect the planet, to promote international exchange of knowledge and ideas. I urge TERI to continue its efforts for many more years. TERI prays for statesman to rest in peace.