Youth Programmes

In appreciation of the potential that young minds of the world uphold and recognizing the necessity of including their novel ideas and opinions into the mainstream of public policies, and development models, the World Sustainable Development Summit offers a unique platform to undergraduate students to gain a first- hand experience of what goes behind the implementation of tactical strategies to combat pressing environmental issues. They earn a chance to witness action oriented dialogues and discussions amongst expert policy makers, government leaders, and acclaimed academicians during the Summit.

The Youth Programmes offer undergraduate students a chance to closely work with the WSDS Secretariat in the run-up to the Summit and gain a unique opportunity to witness and engage in productive deliberations and key discourses on sustainability.

In order to maintain a sustained impetus in this transformation to harness the potential and charisma of youth, TERI also proposes a three day event, titled, ‘YUVA Sansad’, for undergraduate students in the age group of 18- 22 years for reflecting upon the changing dynamics and working towards positive actions for internalizing SDGs in thought, practice and action.

This three-day event will be held during the World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS) 2019 from 11- 13 February 2019.

Applications for the Youth Programmes will open shortly.


Mr Hanish Bhatia
WSDS Secretariat, The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI)
Tel. +91 11 24682100 (ext: 2470)

Ms Nazia Naheed Husain
WSDS Secretariat, The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI)
Tel. +91 11 24682100 (ext: 2425)