Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2002
Ensuring sustainable livelihoods:

challenges for governments, corporates, and civil society at Rio+10
8 - 11 February 2002, New Delhi

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Conference proceedings

Mr Rakesh Kacker
Senior Fellow, TERI

Profession :
Govt. Service

Date of Birth :

Educational Qualifications :
M.A Economics (Delhi School of Economics)

Nationality :

Current Assignment :
Senior Fellow, TERI since 1st Feb 2000. Details of assignments undertaken in TERI are given below

1. Project advisor, Integration of Environmental policy in the Sectoral Policies, Asian Development Bank, March-June 2000. As the project advisor on this ADB project, conducted review and analysis of environmental policies, and provided recommendations. The project involved the assessment of environmental policies in energy and transport sectors for Gujarat State and India as a whole. Identified policy limitations and suitable interventions including use of MBIs were proposed. Different policy options were examined and priortised.

2. Team member, Preparation of Environmental Agenda, Central Electricity Regulatory Commission, India, May-Oct 2000. Conducted an assessment of status of environmental regulations and laws. The project studied the problems associated with these and suggested an agenda for the Regulatory Commission which had so far not initiated actions on the environmental issues in the power sectors and for which it had a mandate in the legislation. A report was prepared providing recommendations on using the tariff fixation powers of the commission to promote better environmental compliance, directions in which the commission could move to solve certain outstanding problems relating to environmental management in the power sector and increasing the contribution of renewables through the use of economic instruments. The report has been circulated by the Commission and is available on their website for comments and public consultation.

3. Member of a five person international external review team that evaluated the trust fund projects (ESMAP, ASTAE, RPTES and AFFREI) of the energy sectors in the World Bank (March-October, 2000). The report was submitted to the Bank and it is being processed by the World Bank.

4. Led the team that advised the Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (UPERC) on the tariff filing made by Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited(UPPCL )and also helped in finalizing the tariff order that was issued in July 2000. This assignment also included advising the Commission on the tariff to be charged from NPCL, a private distribution company, by UPPCL. Final orders on this have also been passed. Am again heading the team that is advising the UPERC on the tariff/revenue requirement filings made by UPPCL and the other two licensees in the state for the current year.

5. Member of the team that prepared policy papers for the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission on tariff philosophy, captive power policy, and power purchase policy.

6. Am currently involved in the following projects:-

  1. Advising the Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission on tariff filing made by Ahmedabad Electricity Company
  2. Preparing a report for Govt. of India on the progress on Agenda 21
  3. Natural Resource Accounting Methodology for the State of Goa
  4. Assessment of Institutional relationships in the Power sector in the context of the emergence of the new regulatory framework

Employment Record: Taught Economics at the undergraduate level in Delhi University from 1974 to 1977.

Member of the Indian Administrative Service since 1977. Have held various positions in Govt of T.N. and Govt of India.

Govt of India

a) Joint Secretary (Investment Promotion Cell), Min.of Power,GOI from Jan 1997 to Jan 1999.Primary task was overall policy for induction of the private sector into the power sector. Responsibilities included the liquid fuel policy, captive power policy, monitoring and assisting IPP’s , development of policy and guidelines for competitive bidding, mega projects and policy towards foreign investment

b) Director in Prime Minister’s Office(6/94 to 12/96). Assisted in work relating to several Economic Ministries.

c) Director, Deptt. Of Economic Affairs, Finance Ministry, GOI.(2/94 to 5/94). Responsible for overall coordination of World Bank projects in India and also sectoral responsibility for social sector and urban development projects.

d) Deputy Secretary,(Natural Gas), Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, GOI(6/86 to 4/90). Responsible for all policies regarding natural gas development in India – production, utilisation, pricing and transportation.. Also monitoring of ongoing projects for natural gas. The HBJ pipeline was constructed and extended to Delhi during this period.

Govt of Tamil Nadu

e) Special Secretary, Industries Deptt.(9/92 – 2/94). Responsibilities included policies for promotion of industrial development in the State, monitoring of ongoing schemes and public sector projects. Was also on the Board of several Joint/public sector companies.

f) Additional Secretary, Planning and Development (7/91-8/92). Area of work included formulation of Annual Plans for the State, Special Area programmes like the Hill Area Development Project and co-ordination/ monitoring of externally aided programmes.

g) Collector Madurai (2/91 –7/91).Overall responsibility for law and order and development programmes in the district.

h) Executive Director, Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation(4/90-2/91). Formulation of Joint sector projects, Monitoring of established projects in the Joint/Public sectors and Disinvestment in existing projects. Was also Chairman/Director in various Joint/Public Sector companies.

i) Had joined the IAS in 1977 and after completing training worked in the Govt. of T.N. in various capacities till my deputation to GOI in 1985.