Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2002
Ensuring sustainable livelihoods:

challenges for governments, corporates, and civil society at Rio+10
8 - 11 February 2002, New Delhi

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DSDS 2002

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Dr Ligia Noronha
Senior Fellow, TERI

Ligia Noronha is a senior fellow of the Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI), India and in charge of TERI’s Western Regional Centre based in Goa. She has a PhD from the London School of Economics and is an economist working at the interface of development and environment. Her work at TERI includes research into resources policy, natural resource accounting, quality of life indicators, mining, tourism, coastal area management and issues relating to sea-level rise; stakeholder mapping and analysis of corporate social responsibility. More specifically in mining, her work is on environmental, social and governance issues relating to mining, development of sustainability markers for mining regions and working towards solutions with multiple stakeholders; Globally, she is associated with the Mining and Energy Research Network, UK, is on the Global Assurance Group of the Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development (MMSD) project of the IIED and is also involved with the Population Consumption and Environment Network. In Goa, she has helped the mining industry design a Minerals Foundation. She has served on several Goa government committees and works with various stakeholders on issues relating to development.

Recent Presentations include:

  • `Costs and Returns of Sustainability’ at the World Bank Conference on Finance, Mining and Sustainability, Washington, 9 April 2001
  • `Economics and the Ecosystem approach to Health and Human well-Being’, IDRC, Ottawa, August 27, 2001
  • `Participatory Tourism for Goa: Opportunities & Challenges’ ICG, Goa, Dec 8, 2001
  • `Meaningful Partnerships between Governments & Local community : Building Relationships of Trust’ UNEP/World Bank conference on Finance, Mining and Sustainability, Paris, Jan 15, 2002

Recent Publications include:

  • `Mining in Goa: the Need to Integrate Local Regional and National Interests’ in Brian Chambers and Joerg Mayer (eds) Development Policies in Natural Resource Economies, Edward Elgar Ltd. In association with UNCTAD, 1999
  • Environmental Policy in Mining : Corporate Strategy and Planning for Closure, A. Warhurst and L. Noronha, (eds) CRC/Lewis Publishers, London, 1999
  • `Corporate strategy and viable future land use planning for closure from the outset of mining’ Natural Resources Forum, volume 24, No 2, May 2000 (with Alyson Warhurst)
  • `The Development-Environment Interface in Goa’ P.R. de Souza, (ed) Contemporary India- Transitions, Sage Publications, New Delhi, 2000
  • `Designing tools to track health and well-being in mining regions of India’, Natural Resources Forum, 25:1 (February 2001)