Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2002
Ensuring sustainable livelihoods:

challenges for governments, corporates, and civil society at Rio+10
8 - 11 February 2002, New Delhi

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DSDS 2002

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Conference proceedings

Mr Prabir Sengupta
Former Secretary, Ministry Commerce and Industry, Government of India

Date of birth January 5, 1942

Service Indian Administrative Service (Assam-Meghalaya: 1965)

Academic Qualification MA in Economics from Presidency College, Calcutta University


Has been associated in the State and Central Government with various economic sectors like Commerce, Industry, Petroleum, Power, Coal, Defence Production, Transport, Labour etc. Involved in formulation and implementation of policies relating to international trade, imports and exports, energy planning, international cooperation in the hydrocarbon sector, industrial developments, management of public enterprises, project appraisal, project formulation, etc. Has been associated with over 70 Central Government PSUs in the Industry, Oil, International Trade and Defence Production sectors, besides serving as Chairman of Maruti Udyog Ltd., a joint sector automobile company. Has been associated with PSUs in the State Government as well relating to mining, textiles, cement, etc.


Secretary to the Government of India, Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry

June 2000 to Janaury 2002

  • Involved in international trade negotiations on both bilateral and multilateral basis
  • Dealt with matters relating to World Trade Organisation and was the senior most officer in the national delegation led by Minister of Commerce & Industry to the Fourth Ministerial Conference held at Doha in November 2001
  • Formulated a Medium Term Export Strategy for the period 2002–07
  • Involved in formulation of several new initiatives for promotion of exports. Exports registered 21% growth in dollar terms during 2000–01, highest growth rate achieved during the decade
  • Formulated necessary measures for import management following removal of quantitative restrictions, that were in force for a long time, from April, 2001

Secretary to the Government of India, Department of Defence Production and Supplies, Ministry of Defence

August 1998 to May 2000

  • Involved in directing operations and planning of production for 39 ordnance factories and 8 public sector undertakings, including 3 shipyards, under the administrative control of the department
  • Guided preparation of medium-term perspective plans for these undertakings and the ordnance Factory Board in consultation with present and prospective customers
  • Initiated measures for indigenisation of imported components/sub-systems
  • Involved in coordinating defence trade fairs, air shows, etc., and in international collaboration for defence production activities

Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas

October 1997 to August 1998

  • Initiated operationalisation of deregulation of the oil sector as per the new policy evolved by the Government
  • Provided policy direction and supervised operations for the nation’s oil and gas PSUs
  • Involved in policies & programmes related to production & distribution of oil & gas, refinery operations, international collaboration, imports, etc., as also in development of medium term strategies for the sector

Secretary to the Government of India, Department of Heavy Industries, Ministry of Industry

February 1997 to December 1997

  • Involved in evolving long-term strategies for improvement of operational performance of 48 PSUs like HMT, Andrew Yule, BHEL, etc. under the administrative control of the department
  • Led the effort in structuring disinvestment efforts for some of these PSUs
  • Served as Chairman of Maruti Udyog Ltd, a joint sector company

Adviser, Energy/Project Appraisal and Management Division

Planning Commission, Government of India

(Ex-officio Additional Secretary to the Government of India)

August 1995 till February 1997

  • Dealt with finalisation of annual plans for coal, hydrocarbons, electricity and non-conventional energy sources
  • Involved in sectoral and integrated energy policy issues, evaluation and appraisal of major energy projects in the country and projection of demand and supply for various forms of energy
  • Responsible for appraisal of projects formulated by different ministries/departments of the Government of India

Senior Fellow, Tata Energy Research Institute (on deputation from the Government of India)

October 1992 to March 1995

  • Dealt with various projects pertaining to individual energy sub-sectors
  • Prepared a number of project reports for India & Foreign Companies

Commissioner and Secretary to the Government of Assam, India; holding charge of Industry, Power and Public Enterprises Department

October 1990 to October 1992

  • Responsible for matters related to promotion of large and small industries, industrial policy and policies related to state level public enterprises. Was also involved in management of the power sector in the State

Joint Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas

July 1988 to May 1990

  • Dealt with policies, plans and programmes related to exploration, production and transportation of oil and natural gas
  • Functioned as Board Member in a number of oil PSUs
  • Associated with medium and long term strategy planning

Joint Secretary to the Government of India, Advisory Board on Energy

May 1995 to July 1988

  • Associated with evolving policy recommendations relating to coal, oil and power sectors, energy pricing, inter-sectoral choices and priorities, energy conservation and related matters

Commission and Secretary to the Government of Assam, India; holding charge of Industry, Labour, Transport and Health Department

July 1981 to May 1985

  • Dealt with strategies, plans and programmes for industrial and transport development in the state; was also looking after health management planning and programmes and labour policies

Deputy Secretary and Director to the Government of India, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas

September 1975 to April 1981

  • Associated with policies and programmes for marketing and distribution of petroleum products, demand forecasting, import planning etc.

State Government Postings, Government of Assam, India

July 1966 to September 1975

  • Dealt with various aspects of state administration and local government as Joint Secretary, Home, District Collector, Additional District Collector, Sub-Divisional Officer, etc.


  • Led Government of India delegations in various international meets on issues pertaining to Industrial Policy & Development, energy collaboration, import proposals, bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations, Joint Trade Commissions with a number of countries, etc.
  • Prepared and presented original papers on various subjects including demand and supply of natural gas in India, sustainable economic development LNG perspectives, energy policy, trade issues, etc.