Media coverage

`Development’ is this summit’s key word
The Asian Age, 5 February 2004

Inaugurating the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2004, the minister of external affairs, Mr Yashwant Sinha, stressed that the international communities and governments need to unite in the purpose to ensure that development does not happen at the cost of natural resources.

Biomass burning to blame
The Hindu, 7 February 2004

Nobel Laureate, Paul Crutzen, and his team of scientists are set to establish two monitoring stations at the Maldives and North Korea to study the Atmospheric Brown Cloud phenomenon. Prof. Crutzen was talking to reporters during the DSDS 2004 organized by TERI.

India should ask Moscow to sign Kyoto Protocol
The Hindu Business Line, 7 February 2004

India should take the lead in talking to Moscow for convincing Russia to sign the Kyoto Protocol, Mr Jan P Pronk, Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General. Mr Pronk was talking to newspersons during the DSDS 2004 organized by TERI.

India must not follow US economic model: Sachs
The Hindu Business Line, 5 February 2004

India must assert itself in international forums, including the WTO, to ensure that the western world is forced to keep its promise of transferring technology and provide resources for environment protection, Prof. Jeffrey D Sachs, special advisor to the Secretary-General of the UN, said in his address at the DSDS 2004 organized by TERI.