4 February 2010

International Workshop on High-Performance Commercial Buildings in India


In his address, he provided an overview of the APP BATF (Buildings and Appliances Task Force) project.



He spoke about the need to disseminate information and create a demand among the people, which will force the builders and architects to design more energy efficient buildings.
He shared various initiatives being taken by BEE for information dissemination as well as for developing various rating schemes for energy efficient buildings in India.

Mr Girish Sethi Director, Industrial Efficiency, TERI   Dr Ajay Mathur Director General, BEE   Mr Sanjay Seth PEnergy Economist, BEE

In his presentation, he emphasized on the importance of our heritage and traditional architecture in designing sustainable buildings.



He described the various interesting green interventions taken by his firm ‘James Law Cybertecture International’ in their projects.


Delivering the final vote of thanks for the workshop, he mentioned the fact that APP has taken a lot of good initiatives and emphasized ‘the need to come up with a strategy to communicate this information (on green buildings) to the public’.
Mr Karan Grover Architect   Mr James Law Architect (Hong Kong)   Dr R K Pachauri Director General, TERI  


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