4 February 2010

Opening Session

Welcome Address

Addressing top corporate CEOs from across the globe, he expressed delight over the role played by TERI BCSD’s 102 member-companies in establishing a link between business and industry with sustainable development. He emphasized that ‘business as usual’ is no longer a choice, and that business has to shift the focus from productivity, profitability and sales, towards the objective of sustainability while taking business decision.
Talking about the need to move towards ‘green’ business, he emphasized the importance of the voice of the Indian business community. He spoke about the need for developing nations like India to build as much urbanized infrastructure by 2050 to improve the quality of life of its growing population. He said that the ‘green’ race is as much between companies as it is between countries, and India has to quickly decide upon its response.
Dr R K Pachauri President, TERI-BCSD India   Mr Bjoern Stigson President, WBCSD    

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