The world is off-track. According to the first global stock-take, to achieve ambitious temperature goals, 43 per cent of emissions needs to be reduced by 2030 while implementation of current nationally determined contributions will lead to only 2 per cent reduction. In the mid-point review of sustainable development goals, out of the 169 targets, only 13% are on track while 18% of the targets are not even tracked. These highlight gaps in not just implementation but also data to inform progress.

The problems confronting the world are complex and interconnected requiring collective action. Partnerships can accelerate problem solving and implementation through shared responsibilities, collective action, and collaborative problem-solving on these issues as they enable the pooling of resources, expertise, and innovative ideas.

The 24th edition of World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS) will focus on the role of partnerships in driving transformative change and advancing the global sustainable development agenda. Under the theme 'Partnerships for Accelerating Sustainable Development and Climate Solutions,' WSDS 2025 will provide a platform for global leaders to for deliberation and knowledge exchange. WSDS 2025 will take a solution-based approach and set forward an action plan for fostering partnerships between governments, private sector, civil society, and other stakeholders.