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The World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS) is TERI’s flagship event - a platform to showcase to the world, India’s plans, policies and priorities on sustainability by identifying the most topical issues, pertaining to the environment and sustainability.

The WSDS is a glorious reiteration of the erstwhile Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS) that continues the Summit Series’ decades-long run in bolstering India’s claim to international climate politics leadership, cementing her place among the most responsible environmental stewards.

Summit Series : 2001-2019


Heads of State and Government




Nobel Laureates




Business Leaders



Summit Timeline : 2001-2019

  • 2001

    Poverty: The Global Challenge for Governments, Industry, Scientists, and the Civil Society

  • 2002

    Ensuring Sustainable Livelihoods: Challenges for Governments, Corporates, and the Civil Society

  • 2003

    Beyond Johannesburg: Translating Resolve into Action for a Sustainable Future

  • 2004

    Partnerships for Sustainable Development: Addressing the Wehab Agenda

  • 2005

    Beyond Universal Goals: Steering Development towards Global Sustainability

  • 2006

    Linking Across Mdgs: Towards Innovative Partnerships and Governance

  • 2007

    Meeting the Mdgs: Exploring the Natural Resource Dimensions

  • 2008

    Sustainable Development and Climate Change

  • 2009

    Towards Copenhagen: An Equitable and Ethical Approach

  • 2010

    Beyond Copenhagen: New Pathways to Sustainable Development

  • 2011

    Tapping Local Initiatives and Tackling Global Inert

  • 2012

    Protecting the Global Commons: 20 Years Post Rio

  • 2013

    The Global Challenge of Resource-Efficient Growth and Development

  • 2014

    Attaining Energy, Water and Food Security for All

  • 2015

    Sustainable Development Goals and Dealing with Climate Change

  • 2016

    Beyond 2015: People, Planet & Progress

  • 2018

    Partnerships for a Resilient Planet

  • 2019

    Attaining the 2030 Agenda: Delivering on our Promise