Thematic Tracks

Thematic Tracks held as part of the Summit are designed as parallel break away sessions which allow for discussions of considerable depth on niche topics. The tracks are held simultaneously on themes in sync with the overall Summit theme and sub-themes. The thematic tracks serve as curtain raiser to the Summit, setting the tone for the succeeding days of the Summit. The thematic tracks are populated by experts and key practitioners from respective fields.

How to host a thematic track?

The themes for track/s are mutually decided by TERI and the partnering agency. Concept notes of 800-1000 words on selected theme; inclusive of 4-5 questions are discussed and mutually developed with the help of in-house experts and the partnering agency/agencies.

The thematic tracks are on an average 120 minutes long, the room capacity of the venue determines the cost of a track.

What is the format of a thematic track?

The format is dynamic; styles which have allowed for active participation from members of the audience in the past include round table style or panel discussions followed by a question and answer round.

Speakers/ panellists are mutually identified and invites are sent by TERI on behalf of the partner/s.

What logistic concerns need to be taken into account?

All logistics, namely, booking of venue, set-up, audio-visual equipment, photography, video recording, F&B services, backdrop, name plates and agendas are taken care of by TERI’s in-house team; this excludes the travel-boarding-lodging of the speakers.

What is the outreach programme of the thematic track?

The outreach for the thematic track is a combined effort.

The partnering agency/agencies are also requested to host the Summit banner on organisational website/ newsletter for greater outreach.

A post-event report is developed by TERI and submitted with images and media reports (if any) to the partnering agency. The timeline is decided upon review of the draft by the partner/s.


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