Plenaries & Thematic Tracks

These sessions focus on the most pertinent global sustainability issues and range in size and format from round-table conferences, to workshops, to panel discussions in an auditorium.


Plenaries at the Summit are designed for high-level panel discussions with some of the most well-known individuals and experts on the select sub-themes. In the last edition, plenaries were conducted on topics such as Energy Transitions; Climate-Energy-Food Nexus; Sustainable Development Goals and Implications on Cities; Air Pollution; etc.

Thematic tracks

Thematic tracks allow for discussions of considerable depth and detail on niche topics. The tracks are held as parallel break-away session on some of the most vital issues, in sync with the overall Summit theme and sub-themes. Interspersed with plenary sessions, these thematic tracks are populated by experts and key practitioners from the grassroots. In the past, we have witnessed some very innovative and engaging sessions on topics such as Linking Climate Risks to Policy & Practice; Mainstreaming Biodiversity for Responsible Business; Climate Resilient Agriculture; Resource Efficiency & Circular Economy; Realizing the Electric Mobility Vision; Challenges & Strategies to Mobilise Climate Finance; Youth Ecopreneurs; etc.