Changemakers for Climate Action (CCA)

The project aims to bring forth the voices of the youth of India and work as a platform to them to connect with governments, mentors, incubators, and investors, to develop their ecopreneurship skills.

As the novel coronavirus continues to impact lives, threats posed by biological organisms cannot be taken lightly anymore. With studies on COVID-19 suggesting that it has a zoonotic source, consequences of climate change are likely to create many more similar environmental and health hazards in the future. In the current scenario, the global mean temperature continues to increase due to various deforestation, land-use changes, captive animal breeding, and other anthropogenic activities. This increase in temperature leads to disturbances in permafrost, in turn facilitating the release of new viruses and bacteria trapped in them. In the wake of these unpleasant surprises, protecting children and educational facilities is particularly important. It is imperative to educate our young citizenry so that they can avoid pathways that lead to destruction of human race.

Youth have a major role to play in post-COVID-19 recovery for the world to return to near-normal situation. Apart from direct impact on health, the pandemic has nearly crippled the world economy. In these circumstances it is important that youth are empowered towards meaningful changes in their lives so as to usher in an era of new normal. Youth also symbolize young innovators and change-makers who will bring with them a new era of governance and models of start-ups to develop technological solutions to address future threats of pandemics. Globally it is realized that the current governance model needs a youth-driven policy response that is tailored to specific contexts.

In this respect, Embassy of Italy and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) have envisaged to engage and deliberate with youth around issues related to climate change through a joint programme called Changemakers for Climate Action (CCA). The programme aspires to reach out to youth across India. Youth voices will be brought forward through deliberations and dialogues around evidence based, proportionate and important environment and sustainable development issues.

The recommendations and viewpoints from young participants across the country will be compiled through a bottom–up approach. As a first step to this, CCA is undertaking an assessment of current perceptions and knowledge level of youth on environmental issues of concern. Responses will be collated as a ‘Youth Working Document’ to be presented at a pre-COP youth event in Milan, Italy. It will also help in securing an entry to the National Youth Forum scheduled to be held in September, where experts and youth will deliberate and discuss responses to the assessment survey. Students in the age bracket of 18- 30 years can record their responses in this questionnaire.

Deadline for submission of your response through the questionnaire is 31 July 2021.

Click here to take the assessment survey:

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