Thematic Tracks

Thematic tracks, held as part of the Summit, are designed as parallel breakaway sessions which allow for discussions on niche topics. The tracks cover a variety of themes which are in sync with the overarching theme of the main Summit. The discussions at the tracks are led by experts and key practitioners from respective fields, and serve as curtain-raisers to the plenary discussions.

In recent years, thematic tracks have revolved aroundcrucial subjects such as key policy level interventions to reverse desertification in cities, managing plastic waste, enhancingenergy distribution and deliberation on sustainable methods to improve urban planning. These discussions are held in partnership with institutions that have a proven record of sincere efforts to tackle climate change. The list of such organizations includes Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Royal Norwegian Embassy, the European Union, the World Bank Group, and the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC), Government of India.
The thematic tracks have evolved into a useful platform where speakers, delegates, and participants exchange ideas to imbibe the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and deliberate on various UN conventions vis-à-vis the SDG targets of 2030. By persuasively accommodating the views of the industry and the government, the thematic tracks offer a rigorous outline to the prevailing initiatives that are forcing the impetus to tackle global environmental issues.

The tracks are co-hosted by TERI and partner entities. To explore an opportunity to co-host a thematic track at the upcoming WSDS 2021, click here

Past thematic tracks