Plenary Sessions

The Summit agenda focusses on hosting exclusive dialogue sessions in the form of plenaries. These sessions welcome senior dignitaries, government officials, corporate leaders, and academicians from all over the world to congregate on a single platform to deliberate over issues of global importance.

Who can attend the plenary sessions?

All registered participants and guests of the Summit are welcomed to attend the plenary sessions spread over two days of the Summit.

What themes will be discussed during the plenary sessions?

The plenary sessions witness engaging discussions on themes related to the Summit’s broader theme. The plenary sessions provide a platform for discussions that are goal oriented and steered towards providing pragmatic solutions to existing problems.

What is the format of plenary sessions?

The sessions are usually designed as panel discussions comprising not more than six panellists. Each plenary session is an hour long and incorporates a question and answer and a voting session.


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