Delhi Sustainable Development Summit

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About World Sustainable Development Forum (WSDF)

The World Sustainable Development Forum (WSDF) was established in 2005 to function as a global platform for knowledge sharing and policy discourse aimed at:

  • advancing the achievement of the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals)
  • promoting global developmental cooperation to correct gender imbalances
  • expediting the alleviation of poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, malnutrition and disease

The Forum functions as a platform to identify, analyse and disseminate policy interventions to enhance human well-being in the present and create conditions for a sustainable future. In this endeavor, the Forum is guided by highly distinguished patrons who are global leaders in government, industry, and academia. The key objectives of the WSDF are to:

WSDF organises Regional Sustainable Development Summits (RSDS) to disseminate knowledge and generate public awareness on issues of sustainable development regionally. RSDS is aided considerably by the messages emerging from the DSDS (Delhi Sustainable Development Summit), an annual event wherein TERI engages global partners to build bold visions for a development paradigm that calls for sustainability across the present and future generations.

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