Attaining Energy, Water and Food Security for All

14th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit

6-8 February, 2014 | Taj Palace, New Delhi, India

About DSDS

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), since 2001, annually organizes the DSDS, an international platform to facilitate the exchange of knowledge on all aspects of sustainable development. Over the past thirteen years, it has emerged as one of the foremost fora on issues of global sustainability. This flagship event of TERI brings together various Heads of State and Government, thought leaders, policy makers and the crème de la crème of industry and academia to deliberate on myriad issues. To date, the Summit has hosted 36 Heads of State, ministers from over 50 countries and delegates from across continents. The Summit has evolved as a significant congregation of leaders from the fields of polity, economy, academia and civil society to deliberate on issues related to sustainable development.

DSDS 2014: Attaining Energy, Water and Food Security for All

Attaining Energy, Water and Food Security for All has been identified as the theme for the 14th edition of the Summit, to be held from 6-8 February, 2014 at New Delhi, India.

The Stockholm World Water Week (21–27 August 2011) issued a statement to the then forthcoming Rio+20 Summit that water is the lifeblood of the green economy. Water, energy, and food are interlinked and interdependent; securing them is central to alleviating poverty and to creating a climate resilient and robust green economy. Population growth, expanding cities, and accelerating economic activity increase the demand for energy and food and create unsustainable pressure on water resources. It further stated that, in a business as usual scenario, by 2030, humanity’s demand for water could outstrip supply by as much as 40%. This would place water, energy, and food security at risk, increase public health costs, constrain economic development, lead to social and geopolitical tensions, and cause lasting environmental damage.

The 14th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit will deliberate on the above and more related issues and strive to find ways forward, toward a greener and more sustainable future. DSDS 2014 will continue to feature Thematic Tracks, successfully introduced at DSDS 2013, revolving around specific issues in the areas of energy, water and food security.

DSDS 2014 will also award the tenth Sustainable Development Leadership Award, which constitutes TERI’s tribute to a distinguished individual’s exemplary efforts. The Award celebrates individuals who have contributed substantially in combating challenges threatening sustainable development, and encouraging initiatives, which lead the planet towards a sustainable future.