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  Side Events


1 February 2005
Round Table on Sustainability of Remote Village Electrification Projects

(Royal Netherlands Embassy)

The round table will discuss the programme of the Government of India to electrify remote villages in pursuance of its policy of providing power for all. This will be in the context of studies undertaken in a large number of villages in Orissa.
(By invitation)

1 and 2 February 2005
Delhi GHG Forum 2005

(World Bank and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development)

The forum will provide an excellent opportunity to learn about existing regulations and programmes concerning emission reduction projects and the progress that countries and sectors are making in market participation.
(Through pre-registration)

2 February 2005
DSDS 2005 Curtain Raiser: The CEO Forum
CSR: Managing Stakeholders’ Changing Expectations

(World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the International Development Research Centre)

This forum will provide a unique platform to the best-known corporate leaders. The role of this forum of national and foreign companies is to promote economic growth and sustainable development in emerging economies.
(By invitation)

2 February 2005
Sustainable land use in drylands: global and national perspectives for India
(United Nations Development Programme)

The event would bring models and best practices from national and international experiences for addressing the issue of land degradation, a priority area in the context of formulating a national strategy on sustainable development in India.
(By invitation)

2 February 2005
In pursuit of sustainable development: an interstate discussion on key challenges in water sector
(India-Canada Environment Facility and The Royal Norwegian Embassy)

The event aims to facilitate state governments in India in mainstreaming sustainability concerns through sharing and learning from each others' experiences.
(By invitation)

3 February 2005
Accounting for sustainability

The event will focus on an ongoing initiative titled ‘Green Accounting for Indian States’ sponsored by the Deutsche Bank and the Green Indian States Trust. The initiative aims to develop economic models for state-wise annual estimation of adjusted income. The event will provide a forum to discuss the methodology and findings of the first phase covering forest resources, along with some of TERI’s work in the area.
(By invitation)

4 February 2005
Workshop on 'Sustainable Habitats' to mark launch of website on 'Sustainable Habitat Design Adviser'

(European Commission; Oxford Brookes University, UK; and ICAEN, Spain)

An international workshop on the practices and successes in sustainable buildings to generate knowledge on environmental benefits and facilitate solution-oriented networking. The SHADA website will be launched during this workshop.
(Through pre-registration)

4 February 2005
Luncheon Meeting on Sustainable Mobility
(World Business Council for Sustainable Development)

This side event will focus on the WBCSD report on Mobility 2030: Meeting the Challenges of Sustainability. A presentation on developing-country perspective will be made by TERI.
(By invitation)