7 February 2010

Ministerial Session III - Building on the Copenhagen Accord


He admitted UK’s legacy of industrial revolution. He highlighted that there is a need to fix liability for environmental costs, and create a new financial arrangement for this. On global collective action, he urged developed countries to set an example for other countries to follow. Drawing a parallel, he pointed out that Europe improved its own human rights records before asking countries like Myanmar to improve theirs. Besides governments, he said involvement of business community was the key for successful action. Sharing his confidence in science, he said that it is impossible to believe that climate change is not happening. Even if we are wrong, we clean up the world.
Speaking on behalf of Seychelles and the Alliance of Small Island States, she lamented than even large developing countries did not take into account their concerns. She strongly called for an agreement which ensured that - temperature rise is limited to 1.5 °C from the pre-industrial level; developed countries reduce their emissions levels by 45% below 1990 levels by 2020; and greenhouse gas emissions must peak by 2015 and reduce thereafter. She called for a greater ambition to meet the challenges and a quick return to the table for ensuring a meaningful and transparent COP in Mexico.
He said that the unfinished agenda laid in Bali had been achieved in Copenhagen, and that a 2nd edition of Kyoto Protocol was needed based on the principle of ‘Common but Differentiated Responsibilities’. He expressed concern that the impacts of climate change are now visible - with 29 islands already sunk, water scarcity, erosion of biodiversity, new diseases, and so on. He called for an integrated approach to deal with climate change challenges along with developmental priorities. He said a way forward could involve - networking among diverse stakeholders at the grassroots level, and development of renewable and clean technology to raise value addition of natural resources.
Rt Hon. John Gummer MP for Suffolk Coastal, UK   HE Ms Marie Pierre Emilienne Lloyd Minister of Health and Social Development, Seychelles   Prof. Emil Salim Former Minister for Pollution and Environment, Indonesia

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