DSDS - 2011
Tapping Local Initiatives and
Tackling Global Inertia
3-5 February 2011,Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi

Special Features

State-level Sustainable Development Summits
Local governments and its institutions assume a larger role in nurturing local resources, developing local initiatives and mobilising the civil society towards a desirable change. There is a need to tap these initiatives and emulate them globally. DSDS 2011 proposes to reach out to six Indian states, namely Assam, Bihar, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand in November-December 2010, to bring out these models of sustainability.

Leveraging the theme of DSDS 2011, the Stale-level Sustainable Development Summit will look at creating awareness and mobilising support from the state governments for DSDS 2011. It will also seek to initiate discussion on state-specific sustainable development issues, best practices and the way forward.

The World CEO Forum: Curtain Raiser to DSDS
Understanding the business sector’s impact on the world economy and its role in sustainable development, The Energy and Resources Institute-Business Council for Sustainable Development (TERI-BCSD) India, in partnership with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Geneva, introduced the World CEO Forum at DSDS 2004. Since then, over 500 Indian and international companies, heads of state and government offi cials have attended the forum.

DSDS 2011 will revisit the International Climate Change Exhibition (ICCX), where projects and technologies that assist in the collective struggle to combat
climate change are more pertinent now than ever. The fourth ICCX will showcase cutting-edge climate change adaptation and mitigation techniques before
an informed and astute audience.

Special Events
Special Events are held before or after the DSDS to allow focused discussions, which compliment the theme of the summit involving specific stake-holders.

Sustainable Development Leadership Award
The Sustainable Development Leadership Award, instituted by TERI in 2005, recognizes the contributions towards the cause of sustainable development. TERI will announce its sixth Sustainable Development Leadership Award at DSDS 2011.

Youth Meet on Climate Change
Providing an overview of the emerging challenges of climate change, YUVA Meet aims at enabling the youth to become ambassadors in spreading the knowledge about climate change to the world around them. It will be a platform for the youth, from across the world, to express their views collectively as well as individually, exchange ideas, and form a common network and reach out to like-minded people.

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