WSDS 2019 will feature the following sessions under this theme

  • India's Transition to a High Share of Renewables: Next Steps for Policy and Research (GROUP A)
  • Solar PV Module Recycling: Now and Future (GROUP A)
  • De-risking International Investments in the Indian Solar Energy Sector: Role of, and Barriers faced by, Financial Institutions in Solar Financing (GROUP B)
  • Disruptions & Transformation: ‘Innovations in the Cooling Sector’ (GROUP B)
  • Existing Building Energy Performance: Challenges and Way Forward UTC-TERI CoE for Energy Efficient Buildings in India (GROUP B)
  • Improving Energy Efficiency Participation: The critical importance of sustainable energy for children and future generations (GROUP B)
  • Role of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in Electricity Distribution (GROUP C)
  • Complementing Grid with Decentralized Solar Energy: How to Support Solar Entrepreneurship (GROUP C)
  • Energy for Tomorrow
  • India's Renewable Revolution: Towards A Cleaner, Cheaper Electricity System
  • Rural Electricity Access in India: Taking a Leap from Grid availability to Customer Service