Inaugural Session: World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS) 2021
Plenary 1: High-Level Round Table on Rebooting Green Growth
Valedictory Session WSDS 2021: Collaboration for Green Growth
Plenary 2: Commemorating 20 Years of the Summit Series: Remembering Dr R K Pachauri
Plenary 3: Clean Oceans and a Blue Economy: A Pathway for Sustainable Ocean Management
Plenary 4: Role of Biodiversity Conservation in a Green and Resilient Post-pandemic Economy
Plenary 5: Developing a Long-term Vision for Implementing ‘One Sun One World One Grid'
Plenary 6: Examining Interlinkages to Climate Action, Biodiversity Protection and Circular Economy
Plenary 7: Mega Climate Change Plenary: Zero Carbon Future Makes Business Sense
Plenary 8: Mega Climate Change Plenary on Climate Finance: Mobilising Finance for Enhanced Climate Action
Plenary 9: Future of Air: Progress and Constraints
Plenary 10: Towards an Enabling Global Environment: Accelerating Women Leadership and Empowerment
Fireside Chat:Transitioning to Zero Emissions: A Conversation on Industry, Finance and Policy
Thematic Track: Harnessing the Socio-Economic Co-Benefits of Renewable Energy
Thematic Track: Private Sector’s Role in Achieving Climate Resilience
Thematic Track: Women on the Rise: Prioritising Gender Equity as a Business Imperative
Thematic Track: Cleaning Air in Indian Cities
Thematic Track: Low Carbon Industry Transition
Thematic Track: Planning Cities for a Sustainable Future
Thematic Track: Mainstreaming Climate Finance Solutions in SMEs Including Start-ups
Thematic Track: Collaborative Platforms to Fast-track India Inc.’s ‘Race to Zero’ Emissions
Thematic Track: Youth Unite for a Safe and Secure Environment for All
Thematic Track: From Coasts to High Seas: Exploring Solutions for a Cleaner Ocean and a Sustainable Blue Economy
Thematic Track: Electricity Transition in India: National as well as State-level Interventions
Thematic Track: Accelerating and Institutionalizing Resource Efficiency & Circular Economy in India
Thematic Track: Are We Really Aware About Air Pollution and its Impacts?
Thematic Track: Monitoring of Community Wastewater for Early Signalling the Spread of COVID-19
Thematic Track: Urban Resilience: Participative Governance, Design and Development
Thematic Track: IEA’s India Energy Outlook: Exploring Energy and Emission Pathways to 2040
Thematic Track: Is a Decarbonised Transport Sector Possible in India by 2050 ?
Thematic Track: Decarbonizing South Asia
Thematic Track: Just Transition: A Way Forward from the Energy Crossroads
Thematic Track: Industry Dialogue: Towards Sustainable Urban Cooling Solutions