Act4Earth Manifesto

Messages from World Sustainable Development Summit 2022

Through the 21st Edition of the World Sustainable Development Summit, The Energy and Resources Institute brought together stakeholders including representatives from international organizations, government, business & industry, research & academia, civil society and youth to deliberate on the modus operandi required for ensuring equitable responses to protect our planet through sustainable consumption and production, energy & resource security, climate justice, and the protection of global commons.

We pledge to Act for Earth by:

  • Reinvigorating current multilateral systems by ensuring that climate negotiations and other norm-setting bodies are informed by principles of equity and climate justice, as well as with perspectives from developing countries to drive national and international action.
  • Developing multi-level and poly-centric approaches to govern and protect our global commons, which is inclusive of all those who use and depend on these commons, including non-human species.
  • Inviting stakeholders to generating financial capital and building capacities for developing green technologies, which helps in inclusive clean energy transitions.
  • Avoiding wasteful consumption, and promoting efficiency in production patterns, by raising awareness and promoting responsible practices among governments, businesses and consumers.
  • Advocating for paradigm shifts in the global narrative which decouples the economic growth from environmental degradation.
  • Critically examining the dominant narratives on traditional and non-traditional security to advance inclusive, concerted, coherent and effective efforts on sustainable development and climate action.
  • Calling upon the global community to bridge the gap between mitigation and adaptation through effective means of implementation including climate finance, innovation and capacity building.
  • Ensuring policy coherence through mainstreaming sustainable development into economic policy, including through SDGs-linked budgeting processes.
  • Communicating issues related to climate change and sustainable development to all stakeholders effectively, through a balanced approach which instils hope, without losing our sight on the gravity of the climate change and limits to growth.

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