Inaugural Session: World Sustainable Development Summit 2022
CEO Forum: Reorienting Market Economies and Accelerating Development of Green Technologies for Sustainable Development Goal
Valedictory Session: WSDS 2022: Collective Action for Ensuring a Sustainable and Equitable Future
Media Colloquium: Role of Communications as a Means for Shaping Public and Political Perceptions and Attitudes on Climate Action
Ministerial Session 1: Leadership in Developed Countries: Reconciling the Role of States and Markets for Sustainable Consumption and Production
Ministerial Session 2: Leadership in Developing Countries: Reconciling Opportunities and Challenges of Climate Resilient Development
Special High Level Session: COP Charter of Actions- From Glasgow to Sharm el-Sheikh
Ministerial Session 3: Sub-national Leadership for Inclusive Green Growth
Plenary 1: Multilateralism and Global Action in the Anthropocene for Planetary Resilience
Plenary 2: Global Commons Beyond Sovereign Domains- Oceans, Atmosphere and Biodiversity
Plenary 3: Women Leadership and Our Common Future
Youth Plenary: Intergenerational Conversations towards Systemic Transformations for Achieving Climate Justice
Plenary 4: Meeting the Twin Goals- Energy Security and Resource Security
Book Launch: Concerned Citizen Series “Sun through the Roof” (A Series by TERI Alumni Association)
Plenary 5: Planetary Health, Humanitarian and Equity Implications of Sustainable Development Policies
In Memoriam: Release of a Book and Archives on Dr. RK Pachauri
In Conversation: A Dialogue with Sadhguru on Our Fragile Planet
Thematic Track: Responsible climate action towards a low carbon & resilient pathway: An inclusive worldview
Thematic Track: MSMEs and Climate Resilience
Thematic Track: Research and Innovation Outlook for Industry Decarbonization in India
Thematic Track: From Grey to Green: Roadmap for India on the Path to Net Zero
Thematic Track: Achieving Sustainable Development Goals through Carbon and Climate Finance – Forest Sector Experiences from Global South
Thematic Track: Enabling partnerships to promote standards and business best practices on resource efficiency
Thematic Track: Breaking Barriers: Youth and Agriculture
Thematic Track: Driving a just transition to renewable energy in India
Thematic Track: Financing Energy Transition in India
Thematic Track: Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs): Regulatory and Policy Implications for India
Thematic Track: Strategies to Decarbonize Transport Sector - Multi-sectoral approach
Thematic Track: Evidence based action planning to achieve clean air
Thematic Track: Financing the implementation of the India Cooling Action Plan
Thematic Track: People-Centred Transition – An Indian Perspective
Thematic Track: Towards industrial decarbonization in India: Key enablers and opportunities
Thematic Track: Plastics and Circular Economy: Making EPR Workable
Thematic Track: CEO Roundtable: Holistic Sustainability as an Industry Growth Agenda to Shape India’s Climate Ambition
Thematic Track: Enablers for SAPCC Revision and Implementation
Thematic Track: Electrification of Heavy-Duty Vehicles – An Emergent Economic Opportunity
Thematic Track: Futurists for the Future: A Younger, Greener Collective
Thematic Track: Emerging Opportunities towards Sustainable Packaging Solutions
Thematic Track: Climate Resilience through Solar Irrigation
Thematic Track: Reducing Plastic and Chemical Pollution to the Marine Environment
Thematic Track: Data-driven Governance for Urban Resilience in Smart Cities
Thematic Track: Global Agenda for Industry Transitions – Relevance, Challenges and Opportunities for India
Thematic Track: The role of nature in the “Decade of Action” of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development
Thematic Track: Improving Air Quality in Cities- Global issues, local solutions and best practices
Thematic Track: Fostering Energy Transitions in India

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