A Dialogue with Sadhguru on Our Fragile Planet

Day: 18 February, 2022 | Friday
Time: 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm IST | Click here for time in your location
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Join Sadguru and Dr Vibha Dhawan in an engaging dialogue about the importance of Soil.

About the Conscious Planet Movement

The Conscious Planet movement is an effort to raise individual human consciousness and instil a sense of inclusiveness such that human activity becomes oriented towards responsible environmental action. In this unique undertaking, global leaders are uniting behind a common purpose to address the ecological degeneration of the Soil. Recognizing our responsibility to our children and future generations, it is critical to leave behind a planet capable of producing nutritious food, and align human activity to be supportive of nature and all life on our planet.

The movement aims to bring about this shift by:
1. Raising awareness of this mounting ecological issue
2. Inspiring at least 3 billion people (60% of the world’s electorate of 5.26 billion) to support environmentally-conscious governance decisions
3. Driving national policy changes toward raising the organic content of soil up to at least 3%.

In this urgent global endeavour, Isha Foundation & Sadhguru invites your support. The true success of this movement is to make humanity come together as one to secure the future of all life and our Planet.

The Problem - Conscious Planet Movement has set forth to address is "SAVE SOIL”. For millennia life on earth has been sustained by a thin layer of fertile soil on the earth’s crust. Soil is a highly sophisticated living ecosystem and among humanity’s most precious non-renewable geo-resources. It supports agriculture which accounts for 95% of our food. It houses the rich biodiversity of the plant kingdom which does the work of converting carbon dioxide into life-sustaining oxygen. It absorbs filters and regulates the flows of freshwater bodies. And it plays a vital role in climate change mitigation and adaptation by storing carbon (carbon sequestration) and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

But healthy soil is disappearing fast. Agriculture, deforestation and other factors have degraded and eroded topsoil at alarming rates. Globally, 52% of agricultural land is already degraded. The equivalent of one soccer pitch of soil is desertified every two seconds.

Much of what remains is stripped of organic matter resulting in dramatic declines in agricultural productivity of the soil. If this continues, the UN estimates that we could lose all cultivable soil in the next 60 years. With a population expected to reach nearly 10 billion by 2050, we could soon face a food crisis of untold proportions. The planet is in crisis. If current rates of soil degradation continue, this would be the end of life as we know it.

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