Thematic Tracks

DSDS 2015 - Thematic Tracks – 4th, 6th and 7th Feb, 2015
Feb 4 Afternoon
1530 – 1730
6th Feb Morning
1045 – 1245
6th Feb Afternoon
1515 – 1715
7th Feb Morning
1100 – 1300
Waste Water Management and River Cleaning
(By invitation only)
Challenges in Introducing Clean Technologies
Challenges in Introducing Clean Technologies
Oceans and Seas: Governance and Management of Coastal Ecosystems
Environmentally Sustainable and Smart Cities
Technologies for Communities: Improving Groundwater Management in India
Safe and Clean Transport for Sustainable Cities
Bio-economy and Sustainable Development: Revisiting the Policy Agendas in the North and the South
The Global Energy Calculator - An interactive and open-source model of the world’s energy, land and food systems to 2050
(By invitation only)
Special Session on Tackling Climate Change by Legislators: The Road to Paris 2015
How can Reduction of SLCPs Contribute to Achieving SDGs and a Successful Outcome in Paris?
Urban Transport and Climate Change – Policy Challenges for Indian Cities
  How to Shape India’s Sustainable Development Pathways under Climate Change?
Asia's Smart Future Cities
Are We on Track to Deliver Sustainable Energy for All by 2030?
  Electric Mobility – Shaping the Future of Sustainable Urban Mobility
  What next for the IPCC?

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