Georgescu-Roegen Awards

Georgescu-Roegen Awards

The winners of the 2015 Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen Awards were announced on 6th February 2015 during the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit. The awardee for the Unconventional Thinking Award was selected by a nomination-selection process involving a seven-member jury. Professor Jacques Grinevald is the winner of the Georgescu-Roegen Award in the Unconventional Thinking Category.

This year, The Energy and Resources Institute also announced a Lifetime Achievement Award. The Lifetime Achievement Award was in recognition to an individual, who in his lifetime has made exceptional contributions in advancing the thinking of Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen and sustainable development. Professor Herman Daly was awarded the Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen Annual Awards were launched at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS) 2012, on the occasion of Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen's 106th birth anniversary. Georgescu-Roegen had emphasized the need to account for inconvenient variables like energy and matter flows, fund and flow elements, and processes such as institutional inertia in the analysis of economic, ecological and social systems.

The first Awards were presented at the DSDS 2013. The co-winners of the First Georgescu-Roegen Award (bioeconomic practice) were Accion Ecologica and Oilwatch. The winner of the First Georgescu-Roegen Award (unconventional thinking) was Kozo Mayumi (Professor at Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokushima). The winner of the Second Georgescu-Roegen Award in Unconventional Thinking was Professor Inge Røpke, while Western Ghats Ecology Experts Panel chaired by Prof. Madhav Gadgil won the Award in the Bioeconomic Practice Category.

About the 2015 Awardees

Unconventional Thinking – Jacques Grinevald

Jacques Grinevald (Epistemologist and Historian, The Graduate Institute Geneva) was awarded with the Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen Award 2015 in Unconventional Thinking for his important contributions to the Decroissance (Degrowth) literature and for his service in advancing thinking around anthropocene and bioeconomics. Grinevald as a trans-disciplinary researcher has made notable contributions as an epistemologist and historian of scientific and technological developments.

 Award Acceptance Speech

 Award Acceptance Video

Lifetime Achievement Awards – Herman Daly

Professor Herman Daly (Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland) was awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award for the vision and for taking a courageous stance and swimming upstream against the currents of conventional economic thought. This award was especially instituted this year by TERI to recognize exceptional contributions in advancing thinking around sustainable development. The concept of 'Steady-State Economics' by Daly revolted the mind of the orthodox economist. Daly has provided an invaluable service in advancing ecological economics, post-growth thinking for understanding human society and planet earth.

 Award Acceptance Speech

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Award Procedures

The recipients of the awards are chosen by a nomination and jury selection process.

 Procedures for Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen Awards

Key Dates

  • 31 October 2014: Deadline for submission of nominations
  • Mid – November 2014: TERI sends nominations to jury members who grade them
  • Mid – December 2014: Results decided
  • 6 February 2015: Awards announced during Delhi Sustainable Development Summit

Award Jury

Recipient of the 2015 Award in the Unconventional Thinking Category was chosen by an esteemed jury comprising:

  • Herman Daly, Emeritus Professor, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland
  • R K Pachauri, Director General, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), and Chairman, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  • Joan Martinez-Alier, Professor of Economics and Economic History, Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • John Gowdy, Rittenhouse Teaching Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Economics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Rajeswari Raina, Scientist, National Institute of Science Technology and Development Studies
  • Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Director, Institute of Social Ecology, Alpen Adria Universitaet
  • Deepak Malghan, Assistant Professor, Public Policy, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore


Shailly Kedia (Fellow, TERI) -

About the 2014 Awardees

Professor Inge Ropke was conferred with the Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen Award - 2014 in the Unconventional Thinking Category for her important contribution to the consumption literature, her service to the ecological economics school of thought. The Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel (WGEEP), chaired by Prof. Madhav Gadgil was conferred with the Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen Award - 2014 in the Bioeconomic Practice Category for articulation of a policy framework with a scientific methodology for bio-economic practice. More about the 2014 Awardees

About the 2013 Awardees

The Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen Award 2013 in Unconventional Thinking Category was awarded to Prof. Kozo Mayumi, University of Tokushima for his research contributions in the field of energy analysis, ecological economics and hierarchy theory based on complex systems thinking. The Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen Award 2013 in Bioeconomic Practice Category was awarded to Accion Ecologica and The Oilwatch for their contribution to 'Yasunization' and the global movement for the defence of life. More about the 2013 Awardees

Relevant Information

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