Corporate Conclave

The Corporate Conclave is an exclusive platform for corporates, held as part of the Summit. It is designed to bring together business leaders from across the globe to discuss effective strategies, promote efficient practises and make a business case for sustainable solutions. As one may note the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focus on achieving high standards of living by aiming to reduce widespread poverty and hunger in the world by promoting sustainability and development and protecting the environment through the usage of renewable sources of energy. The Goals can be realised only when governed by the spirit of effective partnerships that make the right choices to improve collective lives. Radical ideas, ground-breaking innovations and new (greener) business models will all be required if we are to repair the damage done to our air, replenish our oceans and stop global warming in its tracks.

The Conclave with the presence of major corporates, along with international and national ministerial presence, will help expound further on how businesses can be made profitable provided they remain responsible as well. This Summit provides a platform where discussions on such significant industry-related topics can be promoted.