With young environment enthusiasts playing a crucial role in paving the way for climate action, the platform of the World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS), is one that strives to offer such youthful voices the opportunity to be closely associated with the deliberations of change that ensue on it.

In its 2020 edition, the WSDS Youth Volunteer Programme will offer a unique opportunity to the youth to gain a first- hand experience of what goes behind the stage of an international sustainability Summit. The Summit itself will offer youth volunteers the chance to witness some widely encompassing discussions on environmental policy making, deliberations on implementation strategies, and thoughts on solutions that need to be adopted to address existing sustainability issues.

Benefits of volunteering under the WSDS Youth Volunteer Programme

  • An opportunity to interact with world leaders
  • Exposure to environmental discussions of global importance
  • Gaining a chance to interact with and listen to senior government officials and leading policy makers
  • A chance to learn the mechanisms of organising an international Summit

All Youth volunteers will be awarded with a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ on the completion of the Programme.

The WSDS Youth Volunteer Programme is designed around specific tasks and duties that the volunteers will need to undertake to assist the WSDS Secretariat during the three days of the Summit. The youth volunteers will be allotted the following duties:

  • Coordination with distinguished Summit speakers and their facilitators
  • Assisting the Director General of TERI and Senior Director of WSDS in coordinating meetings and engagements
  • Writing thematic and plenary reports for allotted sessions
  • Coordination with TERI Press for publication of Summit bulletins
  • Assisting the TERI team in managing the registration desk
  • Assisting the TERI team in managing the IFAT Delhi 2020 exhibition being held as part of the Summit
  • Assisting the TERI floor management team in venue logistics and coordination

Code of Conduct for Youth Volunteers
  • All volunteers will strictly need to adhere to the Summit timing
  • Attendance on all three days of the Summit is mandatory. No exceptions will be permitted
  • Dress code- Western or India business formals

Eligibility criteria
  • Age limit: 18 – 25 years
  • Educational qualification: Undergraduate or Post graduate students

Selection criteria
  • Statement of Interest – All interested students will need to submit a statement of interest that clearly states their reasons for volunteering during the WSDS and what they aim to achieve through this programme.
  • Letter of Recommendation – Interested students will need to upload a letter of recommendation either from their college Principal, Head of Department, or an academic professor. The LOR should clearly mention the following:
  • Student name
  • Institute name
  • College enrolment id
  • Year of admission
Applying as an institute/college

We welcome student nominations from colleges and institutes as well:

  • You can nominate a maximum of 2 students from your institute/college to participate in the volunteer programme
  • Please fill the application form to nominate the students and upload their documents
  • Nominating institutes are required to upload a common letter of recommendation with details of both students in it including: name of students, institute name, students’ college enrolment id, year of admission, and valid college ID proof

Application deadline- 15 December, 2019

Please note
  • *All accommodation and transport costs will need to be borne either by the students, or by the nominating institute. TERI or the WSDS Secretariat will not support the boarding and lodging of the volunteers.
  • All Youth Volunteers must conduct themselves in a proper fashion on all three days of the Summit.
  • The above listed tasks are not exhaustive and selected volunteers must be ready to undertake additional responsibilities.
  • The WSDS Secretariat promises to ensure that it is an enriching experience for all Youth Volunteers.