Climate Action through Protecting the Global Commons, Oceans and Blue Economy
Ocean is responsible for about 50 to 80% of oxygen on earth as well as absorption of 23% of emissions. There is scientific and political consensus that ‘Oceans’ plays a critical role in climate action and that oceans have helped in slowing the rate of climate change by acting as a carbon sink. However, in doing so it had to undergo the repercussions due to the changing climate such as acidification, warming, changing circulation patterns, and rising sea levels. A healthy ocean can not only support all life on earth but also aid in mitigation and adaptation options for climate change.

There is a need to better understand the ocean-climate interface. With this background, The Centre of Excellence for Research and Applied Studies on Climate Change and Sustainable Development (C3SD-NRC), Egypt and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), India are organizing an event titled “Climate Action through Protecting the Global Commons, Oceans and Blue Economy”.

Key points for discussions will include:
  • Highlight the need for inclusion of ocean in UNFCCC activities. Formulation of ocean governance concepts.
  • Identification of Blue carbon potentials including Nature Based Solutions.
  • Importance of Blue growth strategy in ocean conservation


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