Plenary and Thematic Session Videos, WSDS 2023


CEO Forum: Accelerating Business Actions for Realizing Sustainable Development Goals
Valedictory Session: Mainstreaming Sustainable Development for Collective Action
High-level Session on COP28 Compass: Towards Equity and Climate Justice
Youth Plenary: Collective Action and Intergenerational Equity for Our Common Future
Women Leadership Session: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion for a Greener Future
Media Colloquium: Shaping Public and Political Attitudes, Driving Sustainable Development
In Memoriam: Second Guessing Dr Pachauri: What Would be his priorities for India and the World Today?
Nature-based Solutions for Addressing Climate Vulnerability and Ensuring Food Security
Instruments and Leadership for Inclusive Green Growth
Opening Session: Leadership for People and Nature Centered Approaches
Fireside Chat: Sustainable Ocean Management for People and Planet
Towards Energy Security and Inclusive Energy Transitions
Lifestyles for Environment: Institutions, Policies and Social Movements
Inaugural Session: World Sustainable Development Summit 2023
G20 Leadership for a Green Development Pact
Fireside Chat: Driving Ambition and Action for a Sustainable Future
Financing Sustainable Development and Climate Actions for realizing the 2030 Agenda
Financing India’s Net Zero Ambitions
Critical Minerals and Materials: Managing Supply Chain Constraints
No Time to Waste: How Circular Economy Principles can Address India’s Waste Related Emissions
Towards Net-Zero Emission Target- Electric Vehicles in Freight
Crop-based Agriculture Systems and Climate Adaptative Solutions
Towards People-Centric Smart City Development
Transition towards Circular Economy in the Plastic Sector
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Frameworks in India
The relevance of the Energy Efficiency First Principle in an Indian context
A broad conversation on “India and the future of energy” in the context of the ongoing energy crisis
The Science and Governance of Climate-altering Techniques: Implications for Sustainable Development
Enhancing Coastal Resilience for a Sustainable Future: Managing Risks and Building a Climate Resilient Shoreline in India
Progress made under National Clean Air Program: National and international perspective
Achieving food security and climate resilience—Learnings from Sustainable Agriculture Initiatives
Urban Public Transportation Aiding Net-Zero Emission Target
Accelerating Circularity Through Integrated Recycling Infrastructure in India
Decarbonising E-Commerce: A path to low carbon initiatives
Role of Carbon Markets in India’s Developmental Transition
Pathways for meeting India’s Power Sector Decarbonisation Targets for 2030
Water Management for Climate Resilience, Biodiversity, and Food Security
Nature Based Solutions for Sustainable Development
True Value of Food: A Call to Action to Solve Climate Change and other Crises
Breaking the Boundaries of Holistic Development: Philanthropic and Social Initiatives Lead the Way


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