Act4Earth initiative was launched at the valedictory session of WSDS 2022. Building on the discussions of WSDS, this initiative will seek to continuously engage with stakeholders from public and private spheres of life with agendas for global, regional, national, sub-national and organizational levels. WSDS activities seek to incorporate principles of outcome-based continuity in stakeholder engagement and action. Being a major global Summit, WSDS seeks to strengthen engagement to address the serious problems facing this planet through the impacts of climate change, the rapid degradation of the earth’s ecosystems both on land and in the ocean as well as the growing disparities between rich and poor. Moreover, COVID-19 pandemic may further lead to excuses for delaying action to deal with climate change and solutions to other planetary problems.

Towards this, TERI will engage in research activities which will systematically seek to identify and analyse good practices that can be taken up by governments for climate action and achieve the sustainable development goals. Given the vast scope of the theme of WSDS, the focus for analysis will be practices which have maximum impact across systems, sectors, and SDGs. These practices could include decision-making processes such as goals setting or even annual budgets. Efforts will be made to reach out to policy makers and stakeholders to share best practices and ask them to take up practices.

The objectives of Act4Earth initiative include:

  • Fast-track meeting of global goals on climate and sustainable development through a continuous engagement process to enable 'talking to walking'.
  • Drive actions by governments, at international, national, and sub-national levels by strengthening research-based understanding of sustainable development policies and initiatives from countries across the world.
  • Enhance international, national and sub-national perspectives for paradigm shifts needed for achieving sustainable development and climate goals through creation and dissemination of knowledge.
  • Accelerate solution-based approaches for addressing new and emerging challenges through capacity building and nudging action.
  • Strengthen engagement of youth and stakeholders on varied digital platforms.

  • This platform will have two main initiatives:

  • COP28 Compass
  • SDG Charter

Each initiative will have themes on which TERI and other partner agencies can undertake research, outreach and capacity-building activities. Depending on the resources raised, activities such as campaigns, podcasts and documentary films will be undertaken.

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