About Vasundhara Magazine

Vasundhara, is an initiative led by the students at TERI SAS, committed towards promoting sustainability and environmental awareness through its impactful magazine publications. The first edition of the magazine was published in 2019 and till now, the magazine has successfully published 13 editions and on to launching the 14th one this month. Evolving beyond expectations, it now operates as an independent department of the Eco Club, preserving creative integrity and team voices. Vasundhara's diverse editions, covering a broad spectrum of topics, share a common goal of accessibility for readers of all backgrounds. Through exclusive interviews with notable figures, Vasundhara delves into the heart of critical topics, offering readers a nuanced understanding of pressing challenges.

The magazine's strength lies in its well-rounded approach, combining factual information, constructive suggestions for the future, and a rich tapestry of diverse opinions. The magazine not only informs but also engages its audience with insightful articles that transcend traditional boundaries. By disseminating unbiased, thought-provoking youth opinions grounded in reality, Vasundhara strives to influence policymakers and industry experts, fostering real change in the pursuit of a sustainable future.


The fourteenth edition of Vasundhara Magazine, titled "EquiClimate," is a meticulously crafted exploration of the theme, "Climate Injustice: Vulnerabilities of the Vulnerable." Focused on shedding light on the disproportionate impact of climate-related challenges on marginalised communities, often the least responsible for environmental degradation, this edition delves into intricate stories that weave together insightful articles, a thought-provoking interview, and captivating visuals. It also navigates the multifaceted impacts of climate change, addressing harrowing events like the Delhi floods of 2023, the plight of displaced tribal communities, and health disparities in urban marginalised settings and agricultural struggles.

The edition also employs a gender-focused lens in the article "Disparate Impact of Climate Change on Women," uncovering the unique challenges faced by women in the aftermath of natural disasters. "The Global Landscape of Atrocities of Climate Injustice" takes a comprehensive look at the worldwide impact, connecting the dots from environmental refugees to geopolitical ramifications. "EquiClimate" is a call to action, urging readers to confront the realities of climate vulnerabilities and join the collective effort towards a sustainable and resilient future.

This edition will be introduced during the youth plenary session on Day 3 of the World Sustainable Development Summit 2024.

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