We are living in a time of polycrisis. Key challenges confronting the world include planetary crises, sliding back of key sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the ever-growing international conflict threatening world peace. It is more important than ever that environmental stewardship is promoted. The G20 New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration called for accelerating SDGs as well as focusing on equitable climate outcomes. Additionally, it laid down the groundwork for the upcoming COP28 to be held in Dubai.

The G20 New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration also highlighted the need of USD 5.8-5.9 trillion in the pre-2030 period required for developing countries, for their needs to implement their NDCs, as well as the need of USD 4 trillion per year for clean energy technologies by 2030 to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

This dialogue aims to bring together perspectives on equitable outcomes for COP28 and on enabling stronger synergies between SDGs and climate action.

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