Plenary and Thematic Session Videos, WSDS 2023
Invocation: Climate Action, Peace, and Spirituality
Leadership Panel: Financing Climate Action and Sustainable Development
Leadership Panel: Integrating Sustainable Development for Collective Action
Leadership Panel: Shaping Climate Responsive Futures
Leadership Panel: Addressing the Energy Trilemma in a Resource Constraint World
Inaugural: TERI@50 - The Role of Knowledge Institutions in Driving Leadership and Change
High-level Opening Ministerial: Leadership in the Time of Polycrisis
Special Session by TERI Alumni Association on Visionary Institution Building
Leadership Panel: Infrastructure, Resilience and Oceans
Leadership Panel: Protecting Nature and Ecosystems- Towards Integrated Approaches
Youth Plenary: Climate Justice as the North Star for Intergenerational Equity
Women Leadership Session: Women-led Green Development
CEO Forum: Accelerating Business Actions for Realizing Sustainable Development Goals
Spotlight: Energy Transitions for People, Peace, Prosperity and our Planet
Leadership Panel: Sustainable Consumption, Lifestyles and Climate Transitions
Valedictory Session: Leadership for Achieving Sustainable Development and Climate Justice
Understanding Sustainability Dimensions of Bio-CNG in India
Decarbonising Freight in India: Turning Ambition to Action
Regional and Local Air Quality Management Planning in India
Market and Finance Instruments to Propel Climate Action
Sustainable Agriculture for Food Security: Exploring Climate Action and SDG Synergies
India's Electricity Transition Pathways to 2050
Approach for Operationalizing State Level Sub-national REDD+ in India
A Roadmap for Mainstreaming Inclusive Climate Action Planning in Urban Landscapes
Just Transition Framework for a Sustainable Future In India's Coal Mining Regions
Media Roundtable on Leadership for Sustainable Development and Climate Justice
Mobilizing Finance for Low-Carbon Transition in India: Role of Green Bonds and Partnerships
Sustainable Skylines: Enabling Tomorrow's Architecture with a Web-Based Knowledge Hub on Advanced Building Materials and Energy-Efficient Design
Just Transitions for Land-based Climate Action in India
Reducing Plastic and Chemical Waste in the Marine Environment
Enhancing Planning, Institutional Frameworks and Capacities on Adaptation and Resilience
Net Zero Possibilities in Textile Wastewater Treatment
Progress and Adoption of Alternate Engines and Future Fuels for Sustainable Maritime Transport
Leading Collective Action for Greener Future
Technologies for a Net Zero Iron & Steel Sector
Lessons and Experiences from NbS Carbon Project Development in India
FPO & Bio-fuels: Empowering Agriculture, Emerging Tomorrow
Energy storage: The key to the decarbonisation of electricity
Climate Finance: Catalyst for India's Energy Transition
Challenges and solutions for reducing marine plastic pollution
Synergistic Actions for SDGs and Climate Change
Advancing Sustainable Building Practices: Role of Laboratories and State-of-the-art Infrastructure to Enhance Energy Efficiency & Thermal Comfort
Shaping the Future: The Path towards Net-Zero Future Fuels for Shipping

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