The 23rd Edition of the World Sustainable Development Summit brought together global leaders and stakeholders to discuss the imperatives of Leadership for Sustainable Development and Climate Justice.

Climate justice needs to be the North Star to guide sustainable development.

Polycrisis demands polycentric leadership on integrating sustainable development, protecting nature, enhancing resilience, promoting sustainable consumption, driving energy transitions, and strengthening climate actions.

It is to this end, to nudge action, raise ambition, encourage dialogue, and bring like-minded people together that we have come up with a 10-point Act4Earth Manifesto.

We pledge to Act for Earth by:
  • Formulating people and nature-centric approaches for holistic well-being of both humanity and the natural world.
  • Integrating sustainable development through policy innovations such as green budgeting and sustainable public procurement that provide the right policy and market signals.
  • Critically examining existing norms and frameworks which guide climate policies and global governance processes.
  • Internationalizing and internalizing sustainable consumption and environmentally sensitive lifestyles.
  • Advocating for bridging the financing gap in areas of adaptation, capacity building and innovations.
  • Accelerating efforts to address the energy trilemma through partnerships and through navigating the geopolitical landscape.
  • Amplifying the voices of the most vulnerable communities and foster leadership at the local, national, and global levels.
  • Incorporating diverse perspectives and lived experiences of women in climate action and sustainable development.
  • Nudging business leadership and environment stewardship for integrating environment and sustainable development considerations in business models across value chains.
  • Encouraging young people to be catalysts for change for inter-generational and intra-generational equity.

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