Infrastructure, Resilience, and Oceans
Day: 08th February, 2024 | Thrusday
Time: 10:15 am to 11:15 am IST

Session Description

Owing to the increased frequency of catastrophic weather events, such as cyclones, floods, and droughts, discourses on sustainability are now focusing on the concepts of resilience. Climate resilience and green infrastructure are pillars of green growth and sustainable development.

There are unprecedented risks to coastal infrastructure from ocean acidification, harsh weather conditions, and increasing sea levels. It is crucial to build resilience to secure the viability of coastal towns and the sectors dependent on water resources. Coastal infrastructure and shipping industry are important to climate-sensitive actions and green growth. This session will foster dialogue and collaboration between different stakeholders and propel actionable strategies for infrastructure resilience and green growth.

The aim of this session is to discuss the complex issues associated with climate adaptation and resilience, infrastructure, and oceans. The discussions will entail their interface with governance and socio-economic aspects. It will witness deliberations on current policies, their shortcomings, and the need for climate-resilient infrastructure for our oceans.

The umbrella question for this session is: How can policies and innovations contribute to resilient infrastructure for realizing sustainable development and green growth?


The duration of the session is 60 minutes. The addresses should be in the form of verbal interventions only. The format of the session does not allow the use of PowerPoint presentations. The chair/moderator must ensure that panellists adhere to the allotted time for which there will be a timer/buzzer.

  • Chair’s Remarks 2 mins
  • Ministerial Address: 5-6 mins
  • Panellists: 4-5 mins
  • Chair’s Summary: 3 mins
  • Launch of the National Centre of Excellence for Green Port & Shipping (NCoEGPS) website

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