Leadership Panel: Integrating Sustainable
Development for Collective Action
Day: 07th February, 2024 | Wednesday
Time: 12:15 pm to 01:15 pm IST

Session Description

In the pursuit of the SDG Agenda 2030, the imperative for collective action has reached an unprecedented level of urgency. The sustainable development goals (SDGs) are not isolated objectives, but a cohesive and interconnected framework designed to tackle the multifaceted challenges confronting our planet. Our political, environmental, and commercial activities are still being carried out in silos and therefore lack a systemic approach. The mechanisms and tools within policymaking must eliminate these organizational silos to collectively act toward achieving sustainable development. Policy instruments such as green budgeting, sustainable public procurement, green investments, and regulatory frameworks can help in integrating sustainable development in different areas.

The impact of the climate crisis, the war in Ukraine, a weakened global economy, and the enduring effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have laid bare the vulnerabilities that hinder our overall progress. Recent assessments, such as the UN Report 2023, reveal that progress toward over 50% of the SDG targets is either weak or insufficient, while 30% targets are showing signs of regression. This alarming reality is a reminder that without immediate action, repercussions would be cataclysmic for the world.

We have crossed the midpoint timeframe of the SDG implementation, and a stark reality has emerged – the world is falling short of meeting most of the SDGs by 2030. This session seeks to underscore the critical need for collaboration across sectors, nations, and communities to expedite progress. The interconnected nature of the SDGs demands a united approach; the success of one goal hinges on the success of another. This session is a clarion call for all stakeholders to integrate sustainable development to their agendas and recognize that our collective action today will shape the world of tomorrow. It is an urgent plea to reinvigorate the promise of the 2030 Agenda and ensure its realization, for no country can afford to witness its failure.

The umbrella question for this session is: What kind of tools can further vertical and horizontal integration of sustainable development for collective action?


The duration of the session is 60 minutes. The addresses should be in the form of verbal interventions only. The format of the session does not allow the use of PowerPoint presentations. The chair/moderator must ensure that panellists adhere to their respective allotted time, for which there will be a timer/buzzer.

  • Chair’s Remarks: 2 mins
  • Ministerial Address: 7-8 mins
  • Leadership Address: 7-8 mins
  • Discussants: 4-5 mins
  • Chair’s Summary: 3 mins

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