Invocation: Climate Action, Peace, and Spirituality
Day: 07th February, 2024 | Wednesday
Time: 10:30 pm to 10:45 pm IST

The Environment Jigsaw and Human Consciousness

“The environment jigsaw has a refreshingly cathartic piece that often goes missing—it's the awareness that the environment comprises not only physical resources, but also human consciousness. It includes the subtle energy or vibrations—our intentions, thoughts, emotions, choices, culture, and morals—that we radiate. Once we radiate these subtle energies into the environment, they are in the air, so they influence everything around us—the five elements (air, water, fire, space, and earth), people, plants, animals, and the food we eat”
– BK Sister Shivani

Session Description

A drift away from oneness has been the inception point of the present environmental emergency. Disregarding our sacred relationship with nature, exploiting natural resources to fulfil humankind’s desires, and ignoring the voice of our inner spiritual being have made us reach the tipping point.

Our Earth is suffering and so are we. However, there is still time to change by healing ourselves and being in sync with our planet. Embracing gratitude and an awareness-filled living supported by conscious, compassionate, and economical life choices is the key to a sustainable and harmonious existence. Adapting to climatic changes by promoting traditional indigenous knowledge and practices with a mindful understanding of our delicate relationship with the environment is essential for protecting our planet.

This session aims to discuss how environmental movements and climate action can protect our ecology.


5 minutes: Welcome and Introduction by Dr Vibha Dhawan, Director-General, TERI

10 minutes: Guided Meditation for Healing the Self and the Planet by BK Sister Shivani

30 minutes: Talk by BK Sister Shivani on the topic – ‘Climate Action, Peace, and Spirituality’

About BK Sister Shivani

BK Sister Shivani has been a practitioner and a teacher of Rajyoga Meditation that is at the heart of the teachings of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization since 1996. In 2017, she was appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador by the World Psychiatric Association. In March 2019, BK Shivani was awarded the prestigious Nari Shakti Puraskar, the highest civilian honour for women in India, for her role in transforming human behaviours.

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