Leadership for Achieving Sustainable Development
and Climate Justice
Day: 09th February, 2024 | Friday
Time: 04:00 pm to 05:00 pm IST

Session Description

We are living in a time of polycrisis. The key challenges confronting us include planetary crises, regression in the pace of achieving the SDGs, and the intensifying conflicts threating world peace. It is important than ever that environmental stewardship is promoted at all levels and across all spheres. Today’s challenges for attaining sustainable development are complex and interconnected and will need collective action toward creating a more sustainable future. With this premise, the umbrella theme of the World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS) 2024 is: ‘Leadership for Sustainable Development and Climate Justice.’

Leadership plays a pivotal role in driving the necessary transformations to achieve SDGs and ensure climate justice. Guided by climate ethics that involve intergenerational responsibility, actions acknowledge the obligation to safeguard the planet and demand a holistic approach that integrates ethical considerations and values. Achieving sustainable development demands concerted efforts involving governments, the corporate sector, communities, and citizens. Forward-thinking leadership and effective management are indispensable across all sectors, ensuring the integration of climate-sensitive objectives into strategic initiatives and decision-making.

The Valedictory Session will present key messages for leadership to drive agendas and actions that can balance the pillars of environmental sustainability, social equity, and economic growth. The session will be followed by the release of the Act4Earth Manifesto, which will summarize the pertinent takeaways emerging from various sessions held at the 3-day Summit.

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