Women Leadership Session: Women-led Green Development
Day: 09th February, 2024 | Friday
Time: 11:15 am to 02:15 pm IST

Session Description

The world is on the brink of a polycrisis and women continue to be invariably underrepresented in decision-making positions. There must be greater emphasis on gender equality, women leadership, and entrepreneurship for the SDGs to combat this polycrisis. Women’s participation and leadership in the green sector will bring enhanced cooperation, collaboration, and inclusivity that are essential to meet climate targets. However, the stark gender disparity in political, economic, and social spheres continue to act as barriers in women’s participation and contribution, thereby restricting their growth and development.

With environmental and climate spillovers in recent times, women’s critical role as climate action leaders needs acknowledgment and encouragement. A gender lens to understand women’s role in achieving enhanced climate outcomes and innovation is necessary. Gender equality and equity with more women in leadership positions can ensure improved strategies in solving sustainability issues. Transitioning to green development requires more women as leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs. Diversity in perspectives, lived experiences, and approaches brought about by women makes their involvement in participatory policymaking for climate action and sustainability more critical.

This session aims to discuss challenges and actionable solutions in advancing women’s leadership in climate action and SDG progression. The session will also examine the role of women from the lens of bio-economics.

The umbrella question for this session is: What are the means to advance women-led green development?


The duration of the session is 60 minutes. The addresses should be in the form of verbal interventions only. The format of the session does not allow the use of PowerPoint presentations. A folder with complete information will be provided to the chair/moderator. The chair/moderator must ensure that panellists adhere to their allotted time for which there will be a timer/buzzer.

  • Chair’s Remarks: 3 mins
  • First Round of Interventions: 4-5 mins
  • Discussions: 10 mins
  • Q&A: 15 mins
  • Chair’s Summary: 3 mins

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